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Due to a failed component recovered from the pool area of the Kaliseum, the Kalkaska County Board of Commissioners believed it was necessary to have an inspection performed to assess the structural integrity of the Kaliseum pool area to determine if it was safe for public use.
On October 10, 2018, Steven Steimal, of APEX Engineering and Management, Inc., provided the Board of Commissioners with their engineering report stating, “with the deterioration of the structural elements on the roof and in the walls of this structure, the pool area should not be re-opened, the pool area should remain closed until further analysis and repair or stabilization occurs.”
Based on the engineering report, the Board of Commissioners has authorized APEX Engineering & Management Inc. to perform a budgetary cost analysis study report.
Upon receipt of this report, the Board of Commissioners will develop a scope of work, so that the necessary repairs would be accomplished in a timely manner. This will insure that this section of the facility, where the damage has occurred, could be re-opened for public use.